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FIND THE OWNER OF A WEBSITE OR THE USER OF AN IP ADDRESS is a very easy to use Whois service that allows you to find on the same form the owner of a domain name (any TLD) or the user of an IP Address. You'll then be able to find the registrar of a domain, the owner of a web site, the administrative and technical contacts, the hosting company, the dates of creation and expiration, the Internet Service Provider (ISP), the abuse contact email in case of Spam, Hacking, Click-Bombing etc... .

When you make a request on, our website automatically finds the IP address or the domain name server and then displays in few seconds all the informations available. Unlike many other Whois sites, works for most of the TLDs.

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A Domain Name is a unique combination of characters (letters and/or numbers) allowing the instantaneous identification of a web site or a computer connected to the internet. The domain name is composed of three levels, the top Level, the second Level and the third Level:
- The Top Level Domain (TLD), is the last part of the domain name, for example .com, .net etc...
- The Second Level is the name of the domain, for example Google, Yahoo or
- The Third Level is just the beginning of the domain name, most of the time www.
An IP Address is a number given to any hardware connected to the internet. They are basically of two types:
1 - Static IP address. They are issued by the Internet Service Provider to their clients semi-permanently. Most of the times, it concerns professionals.
2 - Dynamic IP address. They are issued a lease time, and they are only valid until the customer runs out. This lease time can be minutes, hours, days, as long as the customer stays connected.

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